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Thread: On bike comms, what do you need?

Created on: 10/04/21 12:26 PM

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On bike comms, what do you need?
10/04/21 12:26 PM

Evening guys.

I was wondering what set up I am going to need to have comms on my bike.

I know I am going to want a sat nav of some description, but then there is getting that information to my ears, but I am not sure how one goes about this.

Do I need a motorbike specific satnav, and then a separate bluetooth headset, or will an intercom system suffice for connecting nav and phone? And what about using the phone as the sat nav? Is that any good?

If you guys can tell me how you stay connected on the bike that would be most helpful. I want to travel only I am rubbish at directions and not sure how to go about getting set up so I can navigate and take calls and wot not.

Thanks :)

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RE: On bike comms, what do you need?
04/05/22 11:49 AM

Since I'm officially a "Cheap Bastard" I bought a Lexin B4FM. It was picked best inexpensive
Comm a few years ago by Fortnine. It's got Bluetooth, so you can link with your phone for
GPS, music and phone calls. Its also bike to bike so you can talk with friends. Range is decent
and sound quality is very good. Battery life is excellent. Biggest negative is its hard to operate with gloves on.
Its $89 from Amazon


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