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Thread: O2 sensor

Created on: 07/11/20 09:55 AM

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O2 sensor
07/11/20 9:55 AM

Hello. I just got an ecu flash and was told to remove the factory o2 sensor from the wiring harness. Anyone have any instructions on where this is? Does this absolutely need to be done? Many thanks

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RE: O2 sensor
07/11/20 1:43 PM

Flash Negatives

G'Day wolfie, take a read through this link/thread.
It should help...

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RE: O2 sensor
07/12/20 7:32 AM

I can see me walk thru the struggle getting a handle on FI. Writing out that crap got me thinking and I'd find more puzzles typing that shit out. Bad read on your end, but I can see some of the bits. Especially not owning an 02. Now that I own one, someone mentioned the bucking at so many rpm?

Well, I experienced a robust throttle application and that 02 went nuts for a few seconds. That kind of sporadic input was more or less junk in and junk out. The 02 read sort went on and off, the blip was more the processor making the best math calc, then eventually cleared up within those next seconds.

I think the early euro 02's would not code the dash, but my '17 codes for so many key turns to clear. If you have a late model, you might find the dash blink is the assumption. And then again, a flash might not show the code?

Follow the wire off the 02 sensor at the header to the end of the harness. Just unplug it, leave the 02 in place. That or order an 18mm 02 plug and remove the 02 sensor.

Maybe the flash shut off the 02 and it does not matter if the 02 is connected or not, it was toggled off in the software and then flashed?

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