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Thread: Pillion

Created on: 05/13/09 04:52 PM

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Location: Australia

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05/13/09 4:52 PM

I'm interested in hearing any comments/reports ZX14 riders have received from pillions. Particularly regarding comfort and feeling "safe" on the back.

Also, has anyone done any (sports) touring with a pillion on the '14?

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Joined: 06/02/09

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RE: Pillion
06/02/09 4:51 PM

i have had my Zzr1400 for about 2 months now my wife loves it she feels really safe and very comfortable.

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Sunny and warm Miami Florida

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RE: Pillion
06/03/09 10:39 AM

My wife (5' 8.5") tells me she has a better feels from the '08 14 than she did from the '94 11
She tells me she doesn't feel as cramped leg room wise.
But that the angle of her knee would only allow her to ride for about an hour.
She also comments that she likes the way her elbows and arms rest easier than the 11
The only negative comment she has made about the 14 is that she misses the grab rail.
(I haven't told her I can get that as an accessory!!)

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Brisbane Australia

Joined: 04/08/09

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RE: Pillion
06/03/09 12:45 PM

Hey aussie road to newcastle 2 up pasenger said all good and comfy no leg cramps just got off at fuel stops.

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south shields. u.k

Joined: 02/09/09

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RE: Pillion
06/03/09 1:21 PM

covered 13000 + miles on the 07, done 3000 on the 08 with the boss on board, she say's the pegs seem higher than the birds to get up there, but it's not cramped when she gets on, at 5'1" she ain't got long legs

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Joined: 01/05/21

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RE: Pillion
12/18/21 6:42 AM

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Joined: 03/08/22

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RE: Pillion
03/09/22 2:23 AM

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Location: Hayward, CA

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RE: Pillion
03/09/22 10:44 AM

I have a Gen 1 and my wife and I have ridden all over on that thing. I put a Concourse into seat on it for 2 up work. We mostly ride fast backroads, ( wife is a speed demon), but have done 1500 mile multi day trips too. She loves the 14.


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