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Thread: Out of the Great White North

Created on: 12/14/22 05:09 PM

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Out of the Great White North
12/14/22 5:09 PM

Well, it seems like I'm just about the only one riding so here we go.

This year we're getting hammered by snow which is ok. We need the water. But it's been keeping me at home. My wife noticed my left eye twitching and drool hanging from the corner of my mouth so she suggested I go for a ride.

We had a break in the weather so I threw my gear into the Yukon and drove down to storage and dragged my sons Z1000 out for a frolic. Geared up and headed out under cool, blue skies.

There was a little snow on the side of the road and some gravel that they had put down when there was ice so I kept the pace "Semi Frisky". The Z1000 is very fun to ride. Compared to my 14 it feels almost like a bicycle. I rode down Black Butte Rd for a few miles enjoying the sight of snow capped mountains in the distance. After a bit I turned around and went back to storage. I wasn't done yet though. I pulled out " KNGKAWI" and once again took off, this time heading down towards Manton The mighty ZX rewarded me with its smooth seamless power and the comfy riding position. Went about 25 miles and turned around.

All in all, not a serious ride but very satisfying.



Owner of KNGKAW.

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