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Thread: Both Left Fire!

Created on: 06/19/21 03:13 PM

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Both Left Fire!
06/19/21 3:13 PM

Just went one day after about 4 days to fire up my 14 and she idles really rough and black dark smoke out the Muzzy. Felt with my fingers... from left to right...header pipes 1 and 2 cold ... 3 and 4 hot.
Any ideas whats wrong and how to fixer???

Please and thanks...

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RE: Both Left Fire!
06/19/21 8:56 PM

Compression ~ What are the odds both die of compression loss... doubt it so we eliminate this since 4 days ago it ran.

Spark ~ Pull 1 and 2 spark sticks and with a set of 2 old plugs, ground the plugs and see if they spark.

Fuel ~ Sounds like no fuel if the pipes are cold.

Last time I changed my plugs were when?

So you don't go thru the spark test, you just swap out new plugs and 1-2 should refire if 3-4 show fuel at the fuel rail. What are the odds two injectors fail at the same time.

Plugs sounds more like it since the bike is smoking and maybe the running plugs are about to give up?

And your air cleaner was changed [not cleaned] when?

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