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Thread: ZX14 - ZX14R

Created on: 06/28/19 01:34 PM

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ZX14 - ZX14R
06/28/19 1:34 PM

Hi all,I find the seat on my 2010 ZX14 very uncomfy. So I have been in contact with Saddleman and this is what they had to say.
I'm not showing any fitment for a ZX14, so unfortunately we do not offer a production seat for that bike at this time. Thank you for the inquiry!

Your Saddlemen Team

So my question is will a ZX14R seat fit on my ZX14 because they do make a seat for the "R".
Has anyone replaced a seat for a comfy one?
What seat and what company?
Thank you for your time.

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RE: ZX14 - ZX14R
06/29/19 8:07 AM

Never tried it but I believe I have read either seat will fit either bike. The seat cowl may not quite match up to both seats.

I have a Saddleman on my 08 and I like it but it has a gap at the back edge and it was pretty tight under the seat cowl until the cowl settled in. Otherwise, good comfort and no more slipping down the seat.

You might consider cutting down the foam in the stock seat to fit you better.


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